Poster FAQ

Deadlines & Upcoming Dates

Deadline Activity
April 26 Deadline to correct/edit title, abstract, and author list
April 26 Deadline to alert organizers of time/date restrictions in scheduling posters
May 4 Initial scheduling assignments sent (view at
May 17 Presenter response to scheduling assignment deadline due
May 24 Preliminary talk schedule announced
June 1 Deadline to register for conference to hold speaking slot
June 14 Whova conference platform will open to all registered participants
June 28 Prerecorded poster teaser recordings and slides should be submitted by 9 am EDT (New York)
July 7 Main Poster Session will be held on Wednesday, July 7
July 8 Alternative Poster session for those who are unable to present on July 8
Q: How and why would I need to update my abstract, title, or author list?

A: You may update your entry here. You will need your OpenConf ID number and the password set by your corresponding author.

Many authors submitted abstracts as pdfs only, with figures and special formatting. In order to have an abstract associated with your talk in the conference platform, you will need to have a brief, text only abstract.

Your abstract may be as much as 500 words long, but we encourage you to be more succinct (200-300) and write in the form you might use in a journal article in your field. You will have an opportunity to upload a file to the Whova platform at a later date (slides, a pdf, or an image).

Please take a moment to review your author order, presenter designation, and your title for accuracy. Please recall that a presenter is limited to two talks in the main conference: one oral contribution OR lightning talk and one poster presentation. If you have a presenter who is still listed as presenter for more than two contributions, please designate another speaker to the conference or withdraw the additional submissions.

Q: What if I have a formula or an image I would like people to see in my abstract?

A: The abstract field for the Whova platform is text-only. We recommend you do not include complex formulas and images are not allowed. You will have an opportunity later to upload an additional file in the Whova platform.

Q: How will you schedule poster sessions, given the diversity of time zones represented by speakers?

A: Good question! We have committed to working with authors in all time zones to find slot that is within waking hours for their time zone and sent out a reques in April to all presenting authors to get a list of scheduling conflicts. Eighty percent of our poster presenters responded, and all indicated they will available at some point on Wednesday, July 7. So, we will have three poster sessions on those days.

  • Session 1: 09:00 EDT (New York)/15:00 CEDT (Rome)/ 21:00 CST (Shanghai)
  • Session 2: 13:00 EDT (New York)/19:00 CEDT (Rome)/ 01:00 CST (Shanghai, next day, July 8)
  • Session 3: 19:00 EDT (New York)/02:00 CEDT (Rome, next day, July 7)/ 07:00 CST (Shanghai, next day, July 8)

You can see the draft list of poster schedules here Please contact us ASAP if you cannot present at this time. If you would like to compare time zones, please visit this website.

Q: How will the poster sessions be organized at this conference?

A: Poster sessions will be comprised of an hour-long virtual session in which attendees can join in and speak directly to presenters. Speakers will be expected to be online during their entire assiged hour-long session to answer questions.

Q: Why are you requiring I prerecord a teaser to my poster and submit my slides by June 28?

A: Think of the recording for your poster session as a "elevator speech" version of your talk, that gets people interested. In addition, by having a short presentation and slides published, you will make it possible for attendees who cannot attend your session in person because of time differences to engage with your work and leave you comments. Finally, unlike all other contributions in the conference, your poster presentation will not be recorded and available for participants to watch asynchronously.

Q: May I list more than one presenting author?

A: Yes! Especially if you have prerecorded, authors both being present for a poster session is no problem. However, each presenting author must be registered to the conference in order to be listed as a presenting author. And keep in mind, at least one presenting author MUST be registered by June 1 in order for the poster to remain in the program.

Q: How will I submit our prerecorded teaser and slides?

A: We are exploring two options, and will make that announcement soon. You will receive an email with instructions, and we will also update this page as soon as the portal is open.

Q: I've never presented a poster online before. Can you help me figure out what my slides and teaser should look like or be formatted?

A: Yes! In the coming weeks we will send you some examples and templates to help guide your poster preparation. You do not have to use them, but we hope you will find them helpful.

Q: I think I may have missed an email from you. What have I missed?

A: We have heard from a few authors that they may have missed an email originating from the OpenConf system (which was a simple notice of decision, sent between April 5 and April 16) and a more detailed letter on April 11 with next-step instructions. It appears some university spam/junk filters are blocking emails from the OpenConf system and others from accounts. Most of the information in that more detailed email is in this FAQ, but in the interest of making sure all have access, we haved posted all author instructions and correspondence as an archive on this site and we will make sure any future emails are also archived. Please feel free to reach out to us using this form for fastest response.

Q: What if I need help?

A: You can always email us at

We will have several "Q&A" and "office hour" sessions in May and early June to help you directly with questions. You will be able to talk live to a conference staffer about your questions. Check the conference website and Twitter for announcements about the dates and times.

Once the conference starts, we will have posted staffed info desk hours, where you can chat live with a conference staffer or jump online to a Zoom help desk and speak to a staffer directly. During your poster session, there will be at least two assigned conference staff available to assist you.